by purchasing the yearly membership to the Army of the Apocalypse you will reach an exclusive status and a great number of privileges:

- Army of the Apocalypse personalized Member Card
- reduced special prices on EVERY item of our official webstore
- exclusive AOTA items available only for members
- free live VIP upgrades*
- excusive mailing list with all the activities involving members privileges 

To become member go here.

  **We are now working on the store website to develop and implement the member advantages.

The card is bound to the owner and cannot be given to a different person other than him/her, to be used in all the activities involving the members.

In the moment you become a member your email address will be added to a special and exclusive mailing list through which you'll be given all the necessary info about the band's activities and what your membership brings.

All the items sold on our store will have a special discounted price only for the members.

In addition to that, the live VIP basic upgrades issued by the band will be included in the membership and the top level ones will be highly discounted, so if you are a member and you have the chance to attend to a show for which a VIP upgrade is offered on our store, all you'll have to do is get it online after you logged in.

*when VIP packages will be issued on our store. Valid for appliable circumstances and upgrade versions