by purchasing the yearly membership to the Army of the Apocalypse you will reach an exclusive status and a great number of privileges:

- Army of the Apocalypse personalized Member Card
- special prices on EVERY item of our official webstore
- access to special items available exclusively to the members
- discounted prices to packages related to live shows
- live VIP packages included*
- excusive mailing list with all the activities involving members privileges
- many more advantages (show your card to all the band's happenings to find out)

To become member go here.

You'll receive a personized Member Card valid for the solar year of purchase.

The card is bound to the owner and cannot be given to a different person other than him/her, to be used in all the activities involving the members.

Show your card at the band's live shows and other kind of happenings to discover many more advantages you are entitled to if you own the Army of the Apocalypse Membership.
Follow the band's social channels to be constantly updated on what the membership will bring you.

In the moment you become a member your email address will be added to a special and exclusive mailing list through which you'll be given all the necessary info about the band's activities and what your membership brings.

All the items sold on our store will have a special discounted price only for the members.

In addition to that the Army of the Apocalypse will have access to special limited and exclusive items and/or designs put out especially for the members.

All the live VIP packages issued by the band will be included in the membership, so if you are a member and you have the chance to attend to a show for which a VIP package is offered, all you'll have to do is purchase it online with no charge, using your personal card.

*when VIP packages will be issued in appliable circumstances